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We are ready to take care of all your roofing concerns with our years of experience and dedication to craftsmanship. Our team understands better than anyone that your roof is essential to protecting your home.

At Smits Roofing Maintenance, we go beyond just providing services; we strive for lasting solutions that keep your roof in optimal condition. Contact us today to find out how we can get and keep your roof in tip-top shape. Your roof, our expertise - together we ensure a safe and comfortable home.

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Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud: Your reliable local roofer

At Smits Roofing Maintenance, we strive to be your reliable local partner when it comes to roof maintenance, repairs and renovations. With many years of experience in the roofing industry, we have had the pleasure of serving many satisfied customers. We can serve you with the following work:

Our dedicated professionals have years of experience and in-depth knowledge, making us the trusted choice for quality roofing services. Whether you need roof repairs, renovations, insulation or inspections, we are your local roofing contractor who values reliability and craftsmanship. Choose Smits Roofing Maintenance, your trusted partner in roof care.

A free roof inspection in Hilversum

It's understandable that you may not be aware of the exact condition of your roof, since you usually don't see it up close. Even with a good overview, you may not be sure if everything is still in optimal condition. Therefore, it is wise to have your roof checked regularly by our experienced roofers from Hilversum. This prevents future damage. Do you doubt the condition of your roof or would you like to have periodic inspections carried out? We are ready for a no-obligation roof inspection.

Available 24/7 for roof leaks in Hilversum

At Smits Roofing Maintenance, we understand that roof leaks can occur at any time and require urgent attention. That's why we are available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance for roof leaks. Whether it's during the day, late at night or on weekends, our dedicated professionals are ready to intervene quickly and effectively. You can count on us for immediate support to minimize any damage to your roof and interior. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are always ready to help you with any unforeseen roof problems.

Request a free quote

Would you like to understand the cost of your roof problems in Hilversum? At Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud, we cordially invite you to request a no-obligation quote. Our team is ready to perform a free roof inspection so we can put together a customized quote. Whether it's roof repairs, renovations, insulation or other roof-related services, we strive to give you a clear understanding of the cost, with no surprises afterwards. Don't hesitate to request a no-obligation quote today so we can support you in achieving your roofing goals. We will contact you the same day.

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Frequently asked questions roofing Hilversum

Regular inspections, removal of leaves and debris, and timely repairs help prevent wear and leaks.

Yes, check with the City of Hilversum for specific regulations and permit requirements for roofing work.

Yes, grants are available for energy-efficient roof improvements. Consult municipal or state grant programs.

Consider additional insulation and ensure proper ventilation under the roof for optimal insulation.

Signs such as water rings on ceilings, loose or broken roof tiles, and mold can indicate roof problems.

Regular pruning of overhanging branches and anchoring loose roofing can help prevent storm damage.

Shut off water immediately, place buckets to catch leaking water, and contact a roofer immediately for emergency repairs.
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With our many years of experience in roof maintenance, repair and renovation, we offer you expertise and craftsmanship for every type of roof. We work exclusively with high-quality materials and modern techniques and offer tailor-made solutions for your specific situation.

30 years of experience

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We mainly work in the middle of the Netherlands

Do you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Amstelveen or Nieuwegein? Then you may have already seen our van driving around. We are happy to inspect your roof without obligation and help you with all your roof problems!

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