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Gutter replacement

If you suspect that your gutter needs to be replaced, it usually is. A bad or outdated gutter can cause roof leaks, mold and wood rot.

Need to have your gutter replaced or repaired by a specialist? Then you have come to the right place at Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud! Contact us and you will receive a realistic price indication from us after a free roof inspection.

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What is the purpose of a gutter?

The gutter is part of your home's drainage system. It ensures that rainwater can drain away properly and not stay on your roof, fall directly to the ground and blow against the facade. It prevents holes, puddles, tarnished facades and annoying moisture problems. Every home has gutters and it is incredibly important for the protection of your home that they are replaced in a timely manner.

Why replace gutters?

Because a clogged or outdated gutter can affect the foundation of your home, it is important to have your gutter replaced by a specialist. Do you not have your gutter replaced on time? Then roof leaks can occur, basement leaks, a moldy attic and severe moisture stains. We specialize in gutter replacement and repair. You can count on the team at Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud to expertly install or fix your gutter.

Gutter replacement costs

The cost of replacing your gutter depends on your roof, the situation of your gutter (replacement or repair) and the material of the gutter. If only a section of your gutter needs repair, it is nonsense to install a completely new gutter. Please contact us by phone to discuss the situation of your roof, so we can give an indication of the price. Only after visiting your roof after an inspection can we provide you with a realistic cost estimate. Call: 020 798 6991 if you would like to know more about the cost of replacing your gutter. We will be happy to tell you more about it.

Having your gutter replaced: this is how we work

Have you made an appointment with us? Then you will see us very soon. Wondering what we are going to do? We explain it briefly so you know what to expect.
First, we look at the roof and come and measure it. In addition, we look and discuss whether you prefer a zinc gutter or a PVC gutter and of course we look at what is already there. A zinc gutter has a long lifespan and a characteristic appearance. In terms of price/quality ratio, zinc is a nice material for your gutter. A PVC gutter is inexpensive to buy and requires little maintenance. It is also available in numerous colors.

After our visit you will receive a realistic price indication of the work to be done. Agree with the price? Then we will make a new appointment to actually replace or repair your gutter. Depending on the situation of your gutter.
We make the gutter completely to size and make sure it connects neatly again. We then take your old gutter with us, so you are not left with the waste.

Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud: your gutter specialist!

Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud has over 30 years of experience in repairing and replacing gutters. Mainly gutters made of PVC or zinc. Also other roofing work is not unknown to us and we do it with passion for the profession. We have a fine team, with which we can provide nothing less than the very best service.
We relieve you of worries up to the ridge! Many satisfied customers have gone before you. Could you also use our help? Then get in touch with us!

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Frequently asked questions about gutters

There are several types of gutters: Tray gutter: A tray gutter is rectangular in shape and hangs at the bottom of your pitched roof. Mast Gutter: A mast gutter, unlike a box gutter, is round. Also called a hanging gutter. Pocket gutter: a pocket gutter is placed horizontally between two pitched roofs. This allows a large amount of water to pass through because it collects rain from two roofs. Concealed gutter: not immediately visible. Because a concealed gutter is hidden under the tiles, it ensures that the water is drained in a hidden way. Kilgutter: a kilgutter also lies between two sloping roofs, but diagonally instead of horizontally.

Because your gutter has an important function, which is to drain water from your home, it is important that you hire an experienced roofer. If you need to replace your gutter, let Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud do it for you. Through our years of experience and expert craftsmanship, your roof will look tiptop again.

Zinc gutter: A zinc gutter is very durable and will last about 40 years. The advantage of zinc is that it is a workable material that can be repaired easily and quickly. It can be soldered, cut and bent on site. PVC gutter: A PVC gutter lasts a little less time than zinc. Namely, 25 years. On the other hand, it is a cheaper material than zinc. Another advantage of PVC over zinc is that it does not sag quickly and is more resistant to acids. A PVC gutter is also available in various colors. This allows your gutter to nicely match your roof tiles or bricks.

Provided you handle your gutters carefully, your zinc gutter can last up to 40 years. A PVC gutter can last up to 25 years. You will only benefit from the long life of your gutter if you make sure it is regularly maintained. Preferably have your gutter inspected and cleaned once every six months. Especially if your gutter is already a bit older.Is uw dakgoot versleten, dan is het advies om deze tijdig te vervangen of repareren om lekkages in de toekomst te voorkomen. Let dus op open naden, scheuren en uitdroging van uw dakgoot. In dat geval wordt het tijd om aan de bel te trekken.

Each type of gutter has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best gutter depends on your roof and your preferences. One material will last longer, but you will have less maintenance on the other. We will be happy to tell you about the best option for your roof after a free roof inspection. Only with a visit to your roof can we provide you with sound, appropriate advice specific to your roof. Interested in a free roof inspection? Call 020 798 6991 or request a free quote.

A PVC gutter is generally the cheapest solution. On the other hand, the lifespan of a PVC gutter compared to a zinc gutter is shorter.

Are you having your gutter repaired by us? Then cleaning your gutter is part of our service. You pay nothing extra for this. We always leave your roof and gutter tidy.
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With our many years of experience in roof maintenance, repair and renovation, we offer you expertise and craftsmanship for every type of roof. We work exclusively with high-quality materials and modern techniques and offer tailor-made solutions for your specific situation.

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Do you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Amstelveen or Nieuwegein? Then you may have already seen our van driving around. We are happy to inspect your roof without obligation and help you with all your roof problems!

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