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Roof maintenance

The older your roof, the more likely it is to be damaged and broken parts. This is because your roof is exposed to various weather conditions. A well-maintained roof generally lasts longer than a roof that is never done to

In the long run, it will save you a lot of money if you have your roof serviced at least once a year. Make an appointment and receive no-obligation on-site advice.

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Why maintain your roof?

To avoid roof leaks and high costs to yourself, you should have your roof maintained semi-annually or at least annually. You can do this yourself by occasionally clearing your roof of leaves and dirt. Would you rather not take a risk? Then hire an experienced roofer to do all the roof maintenance for you. Especially if your roof has lasted for some time, it is extra important to have your roof maintained on time and regularly by experienced roof specialists.

What we do when maintaining your roof

During a roof maintenance, we check your roofing for wear and tear, broken or damaged parts and any incipient leaks. Various weather conditions can cause holes and cracks to appear, which in the long run can result in a roof leak. We try to get ahead of roof problems. What we look at and what exactly we do during a roof maintenance is different for each roof. This is because every roof is different, and with a free roof inspection, we identify the most important work for your roof. We perform at least the following work:

  • A complete roof inspection
  • Checking/treating your roofing; think of loose or worn tiles or cracks and holes in your bitumen roof.
  • Preventive repair of weak spots and defects
  • Cleaning the roof, the drains and the gutter
  • After the roof maintenance, we ensure that the waste is neatly disposed of and leave your roof completely clean.

Roof maintenance in Amsterdam and surroundings: guaranteed durability

In the vibrant city of Amsterdam, where historic buildings stand alongside modern architecture, maintaining your roof is of utmost importance. Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud offers specialized roof maintenance in Amsterdam and surrounding areas to ensure your roof can withstand the various weather conditions and challenges the city brings. Our team of experienced roofers is ready to prevent roof problems, ensure durability and extend the life of your roof. Whether you live in the heart of Amsterdam, the picturesque suburbs, or nearby cities, we are your reliable partner for effective and lasting roof maintenance.

Roof maintenance by Smits Dakkundig Onderhoud

With us you have come to the right place for roof maintenance and all your other roof problems. We are sustainable in our use of materials and recycling of resources. Our specialists have professional and material knowledge and are happy to advise you adequately. Naturally, we are fully certified and work safely with quality trained roofers. Do you have any questions or would you like to use our roof maintenance service? Then please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions roof maintenance

Roof maintenance is performed by experienced roof specialists. Your roof will be checked for blockages, dirt, leaks, cracks, weaknesses and tears during a maintenance. Anything that negatively affects your roof is preventively removed by us.

Our advice as experienced roofers is that it is best to have your roof serviced once every two years by reliable roofing specialists. Do you have an older roof? Then we recommend having roof maintenance performed once a year.

Save yourself from high expenses and have your roof serviced in a timely manner. The cost of roof maintenance depends on the type of roof, the size of the roof and the condition of the roof. If you have a roof that needs thorough cleaning, you will pay more than someone who at least clears the roof of leaves every now and then.

Common roof problems include leaks, loose or missing tiles, cracks in roofing, clogged gutters and damage from extreme weather conditions. Timely maintenance can identify and correct these problems.

No, regular maintenance can save costs in the long run by preventing major repairs. It also adds to the life of your roof and prevents costly replacements.

Yes, we understand that some roof problems require immediate attention. Our team is available for emergency repairs to prevent serious damage. Voor meer gedetailleerde informatie of voor het plannen van dakonderhoud in Amsterdam en omgeving, neem gerust contact met ons op.
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